Interviews with Peter Kingsley

These interviews with Peter Kingsley can be viewed and read by clicking on their titles:

Original Instructions
An interview by Richard Smoley
Quest Summer 2011, pp. 101--106    0.5 MB

A Reverence for the Divine
An interview by Richard Whittaker [abbreviated version]
Parabola vol. XXXV/4, Winter 2010, pp. 86-95    0.2 MB

Common Sense
An interview by Lorraine Kisly and Christopher Bamford
Parabola vol. XXXI/1, Spring 2006, pp. 24-30    0.2 MB

Peter Kingsley and the Discomfort of Wisdom
An interview by Jeff Munnis
Black Zinnias vol. 1, Winter 2003/Spring 2004, pp. 20-26    0.3 MB
For a Dutch translation of this interview click here

Parmenides and the Origins of Western Thought
An interview by David Lorimer
Scientific and Medical Network Review vol. 70, August 1999, pp. 15-19    1.9 MB